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www.akirayamanaka.com and all subdomains without limitation

This is the cookie statement (cookie statement) of Akira Yamanaka Architects (AYA) website at www.akirayamanaka.com and all subdomains without limitation (collectively, the Site). Access to and use by the User of this Site constitutes acceptance by the User, which take effect from the date of first access to the Site. The cookie statement supplements and is a part of the privacy policy.

The Site currently does not use any cookies. Our web hosting service provider  supplies us the Visitor Statistics, but they do not use cookies to do this. The visitor statistics is an analysis of visitor information to the Site, which includes the IP address information, but unlike the web cookies the information is more general and anonymous.

We will revise this cookie statement if we need to use cookies for more detailed web analysis etc., but until then we don't see why so many web sites require cookies.

The cookie statement was last updated in March 2024.

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