Upward Extension to Existing Housing using New PD rights

view: single-storey upward extension
Single-storey upward extension

We are working on the design of a single-storey upward extension to an existing three-storey mixed-use building in Reading. Working with a planning consultant we are considering applying for the new Permitted Development (PD) rights introduced in 2020.

This new PD rights for upward extension allows us to build up to two storeys on top of an existing housing without a planning permission, if certain conditions are met.

Some of the main conditions for an existing building to qualify as Class AA 'new dwelling houses on detached buildings in commercial or mixed use' of Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (2015 with 2020 amendment) are as follows;

A prior approval application to the local planning authority is required to confirm if all the conditions are met by the proposal.

Similar PD rights for upward extensions are also introduced for private houses, detached blocks of flats, terrace and detached buildings.

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