Shortlisted: Public Art Opportunity in Worcester

Have-a-cuppa bench back view

We submitted our entry to an open art competition in July and was short-listed as one of the six teams.

It was an art commission opportunity organised by Worcester City Council, Museum of Royal Worcester and Royal Porcelain Works with local residents. The brief asked for proposals of public artwork inspired by Worcester's porcelain heritage within the former factory site of Royal Worcester.

Our proposal was about weaving the urban fabric with the elements of public art. Replacing a part of the existing pavings with new ones made of porcelain mosaics, we aimed to connect the site, which was redeveloped as a mixed use neighbourhood, with the network of benches, sculptures, heritage interpretation boards and external exhibition displays.

Three elements of work

From presentation - Three proposed elements

Instead of proposing a single piece of artwork/object, an urban intervention approach was taken with a network of elements. Three elements of proposed work were; 1. 'Have-a-cuppa' bench, 2. Walk-on glass exhibition displays and 3. Royal Worcester paving.

We made a presentation at the Museum of Royal Worcester in September. Although we were not chosen for this occasion, we look forward to seeing the winning project realised on site.

Have-a-cuppa bench

From presentation - Have-a-cuppa bench

Walk-on glass

From presentation - Walk-on glass display

Royal Worcester paving

From presentation - Royal Worcester paving

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