Rooflight Design Options for Rear Extension

view of rooflight option01

We are designing a single-storey rear and two-storey side extensions to a terraced house in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

We made some design options of rooflights for our clients' consideration. As the 3-m deep rear extension will make the floor plan quite deep, some rooflights are useful to add more daylight towards the centre of the house. The atmosphere of the living/dining/kitchen area will also be quite different depending on the design and arrangement of the rooflights.

The rooflights should be placed at the junction of the extension to the existing house to have the maximum performance, but at the same time it would be nice if they could be just above the dining table and island kitchen counter to have focal points in the room. Or would it be better if the skylights demarcate and separate the areas of living/dining/kitchen spaces? We need to visualise the ideas and see how it works, or not.

rooflight options 1-5

Rooflight design options 1-5

rooflight options 6-10

Rooflight design options 6-10

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