Anwars Restaurant

Anwars Restaurant in Fitzrovia, London, UK

Anwars restaurant basement

basement extension

A feasibility study for an Indian restaurant within the Fitzroy Square Conservation Area. The clients' brief was to carry out a stylish and modern makeover of a budget curry house. Taking advantage of the corner location with large windows, design options focused on the use of internal walls to extend the restaurant's interior to cityscape. Lit-up interior at night will draw attentions of passers-by to the restaurant. Several seating options were investigated for maximum seating capacity. Basement extension was also considered as the second phase of the project to further increase the capacity of the restaurant.

anwars iso01

Isometric View from South

anwars scene35

Restaurant Extension to the basement

anwars scene24

Through dividing screens

anwars scene28

View - Ground Floor