Loft in Lewisham

Lewisham, London, UK

Year: 2018

Status: Planning Permission Granted

view from rear garden showing white box above existing Victorian terraced house
View from rear garden

cut-away axonometric view before and after extension
Cut-away axonometric view – before and after extension

A loft extension to the top floor flat of a Victorian Terraced House in Lewisham, The planning permission was obtained in October 2020. As the ridge level of the existing roof  was not high enough to have a more than 2m ceiling height for the loft, we have devised to lower a part of the loft floor to gain a higher ceiling. Council's planning department originally asked for a 200mm offset from the existing roof ridge, which was going to make the ceiling height lowered further, but we have successfully argued that the offset should not apply for this extension as 1. it would make a sub-standard accommodation and 2. the visibility of the rear extension is limited to the vicinity of the site. Externally, a simple volume will be clad with white sinusoidal aluminium cladding with a well-proportioned timber window.  The interior will have a timber flooring and a timber-faced ceiling with timber balustrade to a spiral staircase from the existing flat level below.

Isometric view of the extension.
Isometric view

interior at night. Spiral staircase to the foreground. bed and floor lighting to the rear.

Interior view – night

interior with sunlight coming through windows. A cat on the bed

Interior view – day

Paper model photos of the extension
Study model photos; front, interior and rear views (from left to right)